8/12/12    Max Patch and the Perseids Meteor Extravaganza


There are those Highlander traditions not to be missed.  And the perseids atop Max Patch rank highly.  As the daylight faded into the pink hues of sunset, Highlanders trickled into that spot where the views are unobstructed.

There was that awkward moment when Larry asked Dave if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap.  Dave, of course, declined and removed himself from the situation asking if anyone had an anatomically correct doll so he could pinpoint the specific intended infraction.

The Perseids were peaking this particular evening and we were treated to a display of God's own mini firework show that was as perfect as the dawn to which we awoke with low hanging clouds rising from the valley floor.  It was chilly atop Max Patch, likely in the low 50s or possibly even high forties.  We had a magnificent evening.  In attendance were, Sally Dumplin, yours truly, Uncle Larry, Jerky Mike, Grady, Ricky Bobby, Skidmore, McLovin, Bryan and Nicole and four of their friends, GD Jack and Super Dave.  Ab was unable to attend due to itching along with john the Red who had a similar issue.

And speaking of Highlander friends and associates, please check out this Daily Times Article about our Highlander friend (okay, as close as a female can be to Highlander status) Wendi Stinnett Lesmerises.  When she began hiking the AT in 95 she was but a young pup.  I thought they captured her experience quite well although they omitted her thoughts about the backcountry fee, imagine that.  You can bet your rear end that local media does not want to cover the backcountry fee issue because their Sevier County advertisers wish no negative press upon the Smokies.  I could tell you stories but next week, they are going to have some new media opportunities with our fight against the fee.  Stay tuned at got smokies and southern forest watch.  Check out our new logo below.

   Local News | The Daily Times - Hikers drawn to the Appalachian Trail as it marks 75th year