I awake to the the big storm.  Torrents of rain pelt Knoxville in the first of two expected waves.  There is a break in the clouds but not long enough to climb Mt. Leconte again.  That's right, climb Leconte again.  That was our plan.  One by one, all participants fell out and I was right behind them.  After all, Jerky Mike was throwing a shindig and he is the penultimate host.  No one goes hungry or thirsty at his spreads.  So there you have it.  We did return our reservation at the shelter in hopes someone might want to do a last minute thing.  Given the weather, we made the right decision.

Next week we have plans in the Smokemont region.  Email for specifics, it is a two day event.

Check out this new Steripen Product.  I think it has some potential as they have eliminated the battery issue.  We have enjoyed the steripen for a couple of trips now but I have been reluctant to pull the trigger because of the electrical needs. 

Outdoor Water Purifier Portable Water Purification System - SteriPEN Sidewinder

Of course, I must leave you with a photo from the Highlander "STASH".  My,  how our boys have grown.  Can anyone identify these famous SouthernHighlanders?