Big South Fork and the Angel Falls Overlook

November 20th, 2010

Once in a Blue Moon

This was Jerky Mike's event and he planned a great one.   It was a true waxing Blue Moon.

It attracts quite a few folks who are not afraid to stray out of the Smokies comfort zone. (Sally Dumplin was hunting, once in a....)  For others, I was told there is a bout of Webboria goin round?


You see?  This proves it's a blue moon.  It's been about fifteen years since his boots have seen the trail but I was glad to have him join us.  That's  Mike Holmes, an old friend of mine, but his primary claim to fame is that he is the father of this fellow;

  Little Quillen Holmes.   Isn't he cute?  (no, I am not biologically connected)


The sunsets here improve every year.  From the Overlook there are many different vantage points.




This is the moon reflecting in the river right above Angel Falls. It only took me about twenty shots to get this one right.  Thank goodness for digital photography.

John Muir joined us but he had an agenda.  First, to make sure they got his likeness on the John Muir Trail correct.  Second, to protect his personal space from Gobbie (read his shirt) and third, to be photographed with a living legend.  He found success on all fronts.   Last, he said to send tidings to the Ohio Faction as it would sound funny for him to call them the ME Faction, he is a modest guy, after all.


Ricky Bobby considers his recent experience in the Utah desert with the Anasazi.  Doo Doo replicates their art.


Super Dave discusses geology and his upcoming Highlander induction next October.  He is seen here asking  if it has always been a tradition amongst these guys that potential members carry Jerky Mike's backpack for the year.  Holmes confirms and adds that he got off lightly but said if Dave would take his stuff down the hill he wouldn't tell any of the Highlanders he had asked that question.


All I can say  is that Kevin is definitely Tommyhawking it.

He did finally make it happen.

Neo was well behaved if you don't consider the hot dog bun incident.  Bobby was even better behaved.  He was as smooth as a silk stocking.  And Jack didn't willfully violate any of the ten commandments that I know of.  Blue Moon Fever.

Look at the bridge we crossed to get here last year


Overall the most splendid weather you could imagine, a very peaceful and moonlit night and great company all around.  Eagle Creek is next friday.  Happy Thanksgiving.     John