Cataloochee  9/03/06

  Night one:  Martin arrives with his lover, Brenda.

  Brenda explains that Martin will not let her attend hiking functions regularly.

  Day two:  Some dayhiking across the Little Cataloochee Trail

  Life along the old Cataloochee Valley.


  Martin nervously looks for Brenda.

I guess she was talking about the elk there when she said it was horney?

  Angie and Bill admire Sally Dumplin's pyro skills.  By the way, did anyone know that McGhee has a new German Shepherd puppy?  Guess what its name is?

  Nice fishing along the river, Sally D caught two nice rainbow.

  Who is that guy?

  Big old Nest along the trail, been dug up by something.

  It was here, in 1996 that the bear came galloping down into my campsite and shredded my stuff.  Looks like there is still a trail there of some sort, no sign of bear though.