Enloe and the Raven Fork       Sept 17-19, 2010


Over in the other side of the park exists an area that is not so oft visited by us Highlander folk.

This is one of the primary reasons.  It's horse country there.

Anyone know Ms. Cathy Clark?  She left something on the trail.

As a matter of fact, there was a lot of stuff left on the trail and in our camp.  BC George has politely packed up two of the larger tarps for those equestrian folk.  We divided up the rest of the mess, dishwashing detergent being my personal favorite.  I figured it needed to be removed before someone fell off their horse trying to wash their hands in the creek with it.

There are great scenes from this area.  On the first day, we arrived at campsite 50 out of Smokemont.  Sally Dumplin had been there since Wednesday knocking out most of the rest of his miles.  Over the course of the weekend, Dave managed to complete all of his mileage in the Smokies with the exception of half of the Old Settlers Trail.  He has been very diligent in his pursuit of the 900 or 840 depending upon whom you ask.  We plan a big shindig for his finale at Old Settlers in November.  He did at least twenty plus miles this weekend.  George and Bill are on his tail, also knocking off big miles in their quest. 

These are taken from campsite 47, where we stayed our second evening.  This spot is great for fishing, swimming and just hanging out.  I hadn't been here since the early nineties.  I couldn't get my bearings because of this bridge.

Come to find out, it wasn't there in the nineties.  The apparently put it up after someone drowned trying to make the crossing below.  Look old?  They let them rust like over on Eagle Creek.  It looks older than it is.  BC George fell in love with this bridge, though.

So much so that he took to having conversations with it.

Before long he is trying to sleep on it.

Then dance with it.  The whole thing was kind of weird.

"Do you think the bridge likes me too?  I do."

After a while, he had us all making friends with that bridge.  It turned out to be a rather nice one.  You know what we like about it?  The horses are apparently afraid of it.  We have renamed it the BC George Memorial Span.  It supports two way traffic.

Eventually it was back to the fire.  We had to wrestle this site from some boys anyway.  You see, when we arrived, these twenty something fellers were set up in our spot.  Unfortunately, they had to be evicted as we had reservations and there were not spots for us all.  I hated to send them up hill for a few miles but that's the way it was.  Sorry fellows.

Umbergler had some ink done.  He is a hiker and official 900 miler.  Never quite seen such artwork on a leg.  That's what you will see if you follow Kevin on the trail.


He has taken Jerky Mike's saw.  Because he made the reservation and came up with this idea he has taken liberties with the saw.  Mike reconsiders sponsoring Kevin for membership in October if this behavior doesn't cease immediately.  Mike served in Nam  and reminds Kevin that this could end badly.

I broke out the Golite Trek pack.  Old Red was ailing and this two pound sack with straps seemed to do the job.  I also hiked in tennis shoes with no problem.  Have done that before.  Man, my feet felt really good with all the cushioning.  Keeping pack weight down to 25 lbs. helps tremendously on multi night endeavors.

Kevin gives a clinic on tent erection.  Sally D relates that he definitely needs no instruction from him on that matter but he might speak to George over on the bridge.

  This is an old pack hanging pole.  Don't think we will be using this one.

What the hey.  Let's giver er a try.  That hornet nest just "adds to the adventure".

 (That metal pole is attached to the main pole with a chain.)  photo compliments Kevin Umberger

Potluck Dinners are a Highlander trademark. Everyone contributes a pinch of something to our mix.

Raspberries to all who missed this event.  It was a great time.

Trail Stats:  To 50:  1.2 miles.  Next day, up Chasteen over and down Hughes to 47:  7 miles.  Sunday, 3 miles out to Straight Fork.  For Dave and George and Bill, a lot more.  A lot.