Yep, He finally did it.  George knocked em all off.  He had to get it done this year, otherwise, if this park proposal is enacted, he wouldn't be able to afford it.

He became the third member of a growing sect within the Highlander ranks.

And we celebrated his accomplishment.

Sara and Jerky Mike even replicated the rarely seen saw dance.

Heck, it even coaxed Ricky Bobby out of  hiding.

We had to prepare copious amounts of meat for the victorious George.  Filets, pork loins and weiners. George enjoyed them all.

He then decided to start telling trail tales.  Much like a fisherman many had become stretched beyond belief.  Here he is seen saying "...and I told that momma bear, if you want me to let go of this cub you'll get yer nose outta that yellowjacket nest, thats my honey."


Kudos to George on his large accomplishment.  Highlander miles are backpacking miles.  Thats why we call it the Southernhighlander 900.5.  Whereas most folks dayhike their maps, we maximize our time in the Smokies through overnighters, that's how we know the park more intimately than most people.

 We are aware of the threats to the Smokies.  Right now, the biggest threat is misrepresentation of actual issues.  What issues? Vehicle traffic, horse traffic, acid rain killing trees and people believing the BS spouted by the Federal government.  The last two weekends we haven't had another soul in camp yet the park is basing their backpacking fee proposal on overcrowding.  Thats an outright lie.  One penny to pay for use of govt. land donated by TN and NC schoolchildren plus a huge gift from the Rockefellers is too much.  Help us continue our fight by calling the folks on this website below. why?   Because we like it!


I donated to this cause and so did most of the Southernhighlander ranks.  These folks need for you to call the representatives listed on their website.  It's okay if you don't have money, many folks don't these days.  Just take a few minutes of time to write an email or make a phone call to John Duncan or Chuck Fleischmann.  Here is a scan of their ad.