Jan 17-18, 2009


   Reverend Grady shows requisite signs of wear as the Groundhog Ridge takes its wintertime toll on the SouthernHighlander clan.  Rest assured, it was tough rhodo climbing with the snow.  I fell a few times as did several others.  The groundhog ripped stuff out of and underneath my pack.  Ricky Bobby lost a Yacktrack and Grady got a scalp massage.  



But the views are dynamite.At this point, Grady is about halfway up.That is our objective. We begin at the bottom, one mile from Waynesylvania.

Bobby smiles before losing his yacktrax.Bushwhacking is treacherous enough without

the snow and ice.

By the time we arrive, Licklog, the Eskimo is ready for his igloo.

We were joined by George, who was subsequently given the trail name,  "Cool George" by an unnamed Highlander President.

Late arrivals include Billy and Drew who ascended Low Gap via the AT, our descent route.

This is the Groundhog Ridge Faction, sans BC George, because, as previously mentioned, this was a Manway Hike.

Here, Licklog is resuscitated after being provided warming liquids.


  As a matter of fact, he seemed to respond quite favorably.

Sunday morning necessitated a descent through low Gap and the AT.  The Groundhog Ridge trail was a beast on the ascent.  Since only President Dumplin had crampons, we decided to take the "easier" route.  As fate would have it, the ice storm made Low Gap an Alpine Slide without brakes.

These views are from the AT headed to LGap. Licklog is shown here wearing the native Alaskan fur from a seal he clubbed on friday night.  Or was that a club he sealed on friday night.  I'm pretty sure he closed down a club on friday.


Trail Stats:  From Cosby, ascend the length of the Groundhog Ridge to Tower.  Descent, AT to Low Gap.  Good Fun.