North on the AT from Chimneys to Big Creek.

This is the answer to some of your questions about how Kathryn's Dad appreciated the little "shortcut" I drug them through over the Chimney's Manway.  (did I mention he was on the boxing team at West Point?)

He helps his daughter through the slick and still emerges with a smile.  And so began the Kranitzky journey North on the AT to finish at Cosby.  They might say that after this, it was definitely all "downhill".  As for me, it was downhill back to the car.  These two had an apparently splendid three nights out from Mt. Collins to their last stop at Cosby Nob.  I heard the shelter idiot magnet factor was at it's usual high so Chuck had to evict some squatters from their bunks.  Good work, now if you can just do something about the horses.  Oh well, that's for another day.  They looked pretty good for the wear at the journey's end.

I will allow you to enjoy this brief montage of pictures from their walk below.