Mount Leconte Midweek Assault

September 2-3, 2009

We took advantage of the 75th park anniversary celebration to snag reservations at the shelter and have Alum Cave to ourselves.  A beautiful moonlit night with crisp temps and great cloud cover made for a wonderful trip.  joining us is jacqui from the meetup crew as we joined BC george and his daughter and friends.  grady and jerky mike were unable to attend as they were having a bromance at oodles on market square. Funny, they seem to be frequenting that establishment for some unspecified reason

tomorrow we depart on the hump hike.  you should join us for a night as we have spots at icewater friday, pecks saturday and tricorner on sunday.  weather looks good and you can meet us at any of those spots if you wish to do a little hiking.

click on the thumbnails to enlarge.  Sorry for the lack of narrarative but I only have a little time before hitting the trail for a few more days and we will certainly have material for later next week, rest assured.  Yes, we still have outlaw hiker bumper stickers available.  click on last weeks hike for specifics.  happy Labor day.