Little Bottoms, Campsite #17


We returned from Lake Tahoe and Sally Dumplin was itching to get out.  When we discovered that 17 was re-opened, it was a no brainer.

  Yes, it was a small gathering by Highlander standards but the weather was absolutely beautiful and this is our favorite spot.

Since we had a little time on our hands, we convinced Dave to judge our camp fashion show.  Here, Smooch models her version of the modified fleece arrangement by Duofold she titled, Miss Sassy Britches.

  She was trumped, however by the latest in Backcountry Fashion, a little britches getup I like to call "Outer Underwear".  (What do you think of this, Holly?)

Then, a bat took a dump on my forehead and killed the moment. Or, Gorbachev landed there.

The moon was full, this is a no flash shot as it crested the horizon.

It illuminated the scene quite nicely, don't you think?

Some pictures require little explanation.

They did ask how far it was to the campsite and didn't seem real disappointed when we said, "two miles or so."  (Scooter, I know what you are thinking.)

Beth prepares to snatch a piece of skin from my forehead.


When we returned to the car, there was Jerky Mike's vehicle in the parking lot.  How did we pass him?  Apparently, he had day hiked with Jack and did the Cooper loop and never got to us before we were out.  He was there and I think that counts for some type of point on the Highlander O Meter.  A sharp contrast this trip was from our last Easter Weekend Loop  Here.

Happy Easter to All!