Campsite 20

Meigs Mountain

We run into Jacqui and Andrew who offer to carry Kat's pack since her back is acting up, so she says.

Kat gloats because, of course, Jacqui is carrying her pack.  Man, isn't painting this fence fun, Tom Sawyer?

When we get into camp, I discover that someone has chosen to use the creek as a personal refrigerator.  There is a price to be paid for this.

And poor Lance.  He just can't seem to escape the Highlander shenanigans, again.  Two weekends in a row.  What bad luck.  Maybe I can take up golf, he thinks.

Dog thirty as we make a sacrifice to the apparition.  That raptor like creature known only to old Highlanders as.................................

The Ab Raptor.  That's right, the Abner made it but only after getting lost and doing the cucumber  gap loop instead of heading straight up to 20.  That'll teach him to retire his map.

  We were expecting another Highlander who likes the short in but it was not to be.  Why?  this Unnamed Highlander says he got stuck in traffic on the Sevierville exit.  Hmmmm.  Very interesting.  Especially considering that when we were united with un named highlander the following day at BCurious George's lake gathering, this Unnamed Lakelander's alarm clock went off at 7.45 pm and he let it slip that he had it set for his nap wake up yesterday.  OOOPS.  Another point of interest is that this un named Highlander was also spotted that night at the Point in Dandridge enjoying the musical frivolities of Neesee who performed on the patio.  I would say that these factors alone warrant a court of Inquiry at Deep Creek next weekend.  Until then we will not name this anonymous Highlander who is afraid of rain but I suggest he bring an attorney to represent himself as there will be, I am told by President Sally Dumplin, sanctions for trail fabrications should the charges stick.

In case you don't know everyone, the guy on the left is apparently Bill.  If he gets lost, send him back to our camp.

I'm telling you, don't let anyone slip you a Mickey, or in this case, an Andrew.

Fernando.  Love it.

Trail Stats:  whopping 2 miles to 20.  Man, was I spent.

Next Weekend is the Muir Meetup and Court of Highlander Inquiry.  We invite you to attend to witness the proceedings against the unnamed valleylander unless he opts for a steak and stout and no shows.