West Prong and Good Ole Campsite #18

Feb 13-14, 2010

Sally Dumplin takes a  thumpin to the head after walking into the path of an snowball that may or may not have hit it's intended target.

Of course, our intended target was the Crooked Arm but road closures again threatened to snowball our chances for another weekend outing.  Being that we all had cabin fever and were determined to backpack that left only one choice.  The roads were closed both ways. 

SouthernHighlanders have fond memories of the Old West Prong site from the days when the Dumplin Valleylanders would hike and occasionally join us at that spot.  They have mostly retired but we visit this place during the bleak midwinter as you can usually get to the trailhead at Tremont for a short sub 3 miler.

The old bridge with snow makes a great Smokies postcard.

There is a reason we tote a hatchet in the winter.

The Muir Guys did leave us with one great new Highlander tradition,  suggesting than our President, Sally Dumplin tote us in a meat and cheese board.  We like it so well that we have insisted he do this every trip. Here, George samples the wares and declares,  "It's Gouda, Man!"  Dave reminds him that he is holding an open blade.

It seems colder by this creek than when we were out a month ago in single digits on Meigs Mountain.

I bushwhacked up the hill from camp for a view that was not to be.  This proved to be the only real shot about halfway up.

This was from the top.

These guys break into their trail colors before assaulting the grueling 2.7 mile trek back to civilization.

It was great to be out for an overnight again, finally.  I don't know of you guys got the link about the old Smokies pictures circulating.  I was thoroughly enjoying the archived photos when one particular shot caught my eye.  Please look at this picture and tell me if you saw the same thing?

  Thompson Brothers Image Collection : Trail to Alum Cave, 1926

Look closely at this picture.





I couldn't believe my eyes.  Second guy from the bottom, there was no doubt.

  It was Skidmore's great GrandPappy.   Hiking is apparently in Dave's blood.  He is a true Multi Generational Highlander.