March 13-16, 2007

A nice boot up from our high camp at 10,000 feet. Mt. Wolverine sits in the Wasatch chain and is great practice for Alaska.  That is Salt Lake city in the background.

A little bit of climbing practice.

A little bit of snow camping experience with my guide, Patrick Ormond.

A little bit of snowshoeing practice for the big hill this summer.

You got dinner ready yet?

Why we wore avalanche beacons.

The final few steps to the summit.

Our camp from the summit in yellow.  the orange represents the trail we took from the pass.  It took about three hours to hike up the pass, then a couple more to camp.  From camp to the summit was about 2 Hours, I think.

Rob prepares to belay me down the snow chute from summit.




Getting Around Edinburgh