Back down to Cane Creek for a little time with the kids.  7/15/12

It's all fun when you start off going downhill.  Remember, you have to climb this sucker tomorrow!

Staying on message, Jackson and Gregg preach the gospel of Fee Freedom in the Smokies backcountry.

Of course, we had a fire that reached into the Heavens.  Those kids are mini pryos, they would make great Highlanders.

Speaking of Highlanders, here is your Chapter representation along with subsequent generations as John the Red brought Patrick.

He is conducting an astronomy clinic, apparently.  Myers has some questions.

Myers and his girls swap ghost stories.  Then the girls decide they wish to night hike to the Buchanan cemetary and Myers gets to take them.

I didn't know most of these folks but by the time the evening was over, we were all good friends and kids were introduced, in some cases for the first time, to the Smokies backcountry.  I can't see anything wrong with that.  There was no one else in the backcountry anyway, as usual.

Dave and Jerky Mike and  returned to Deep Creek and took Grady with them.  I am starting to call them the Deep Creek Landers.  They are going for a Guinness record for most consecutive camp outs at Deep Creek.  Mike is planning to move there to cs 6.  It is the highlander retirment home, where we farm out old presidents and backpackers.  Over to Deep Creek with Horace Kephart.  Kephart died in an alcohol related auto accident.  He was probably driving over to Deep Creek.