Highlander Home

Scary stuff!

Highlanders and Associates prove the meaning of the phrase,  "Outlaw Hiking"  Apparently you can't hike after dark at Big Ridge and the Rangers were polite enough to remind us with a note..

  A nice walk out, here is Bobby and Grady with a sack of sweet taters for me and Larry to consume..

  Larry stays on his side of the river, like he is told!  Grady recuperates for a bit this morning.

Gratuitous self photo.

Bradley and Jill pack up.

Bobby contemplates the meaning of life.


Dave and Bobby discuss politics and someone notices something unusual in the background.

It is Grady in the middle of a stick nap

Some relics on the way out.  A stove top and wagon wheel rim, perhaps.

This one was too nice to be left out.

SUMMARY:  Always get a permit.  Don't hike after Dark.  Don't make fun of witches (Dave).  Don't sass Buff  (Larry) and Sticks make bad pillows.