Cane Creek/Goldmine and the Loveday Birthday Bash.   12/08/13

I would love to show you the great pictures I took here from our outing to campsite number two on Cane Creek.  I dropped down there to meet Luke who was celebrating his birthday on a rainy weekend outing to my designated trail.  However, since I forgot to insert the memory card into my camera, you will not have that opportunity.

But rest assured, we had a great time.  In attendance were Clint, Luke Mandy and Pedro.  In keeping with highlander traditions, a warm fire, cheese board and thorough roasting were enjoyed by all.    I wish Luke the happiest of birthdays.

One thing that I did notice was that they reduced the number of camping spots at this campsite.  Could it be to keep the pressure down off Blackberry Farms considering what happened the time we were there and busted them for riding four wheelers into our camp?  Here is a link to that event several years back.  It figures prominently in the lawsuit the SFW filed against the NPS for political patronage.

Enjoy this blast from the past.    And Merry Christmas to everyone!