ColdSettlers and the Cryophobia Buster Backpack

Jan 8-9 2010

As you may have noticed, in order to recruit hardy souls to go out into the wilderness, we had to probe the frozen north and conscript more Ohio folks to brave the elements.

Yes, when we began, it was snowy and cold.  Sally D shows no fear.  He gets mad at it and powers on through.  You see, Dave does not suffer from fear of the cold weather, aptly named Cryophobia. Cryophobia definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms easily defined on MedTerms

Neither does this guy.  Jerky Mike doesn't cry at all.  He loves it.  You could say, he is McLovin it.

This is what strikes fear in the heart of a cryophobia sufferer.  Those frozen rhdo leaves could dump snow down your back, especially when you are doing a short bushwhack anyway.  Just looking at this picture can trigger an attack of cryophobia in an acute sufferer, by George.

Walking in powder up to the Old Settler's campsite was a great, short adventure.  Temperatures dipped into the single digits.  The key is to keep moving.  Don't sit on the couch.  Activity offsets frigidity.

Dan is Tommyhawking it.

And he splits his first piece of wood.  Ever.  Congratulations Dan. 

Everyone works in the Highlander encampment.  Including Holly, who, unlike many Highlander men with cryophobia cannot extricate themselves from couchery.

Duck and weave.  That's Highlander President Dave McGhee rhodo surfing.  Jerky Mike informed me that the low temperature at Cosby was six degrees Saturday night.   I believe it.  But guess what?  None of us died or had frostbite or anything, by George.  I'd say it is possible to get out and survive but we are more about thriving than surviving.  Oh well, the Natty Love Joys were in town and sometimes that is an excuse.  Not everyone skipped for fear of cold.  Cryophobia has afflicted six of the Highlander clan that regularly hikes, the rest were socially distracted and that is okay.  We wish a speedy recovery to those afflicted by this disease and hope the cold winds don't roll too hard off the lake and cause further shrivelling.  We have the Savage Gulf Trip planned for next saturday.

Cryophobia leads me to this weeks flashback musical selection.