Crooked Arm and the Saw Happy Highlander Crew.

Feb 21, 2009

  This is what happens when I am not there to protect the trees.

Not that this Highlander crew isn't respectul or anything.  Here they are seen performing the Highlander Pledge of allegiance.  That shady character to the left is the Indian Outlaw, CJ Hawkins.  I only allow him to attend in my absence.

With a Hutchens sighting, Grady suspects foul play.  Did you come up to count trees, Grady thinks.  No, says Jack.  I have come for your women.  Grady says, we are not giving up CJ Hawkins for any amount of money.  She rarely makes it out and we need a camp B.  Jack leaves dejected to the sounds of sawing, so i heard.

Jerky Mike wonders if he has awakened to some type of surreal dream.  Last night, he thought, i was sawing to my heart's content and this morning, the forest takes its revenge.  Here, Jerky Mike is seen lamenting the absence of trees.

The Livvid Privies will be performing soon.  Check it out and be sure to attend.