Cumberland Gap Jan 12, 2013

The final push before the ridge run at Chadwell Gap and Dave is thankful.  I have lost count of how many rainy weekends we have now endured.  It is a pattern for which we have dearly paid in the Fall.  And that's okay.

Play Misty for me.

You may wonder about that unspecified duo sawing in perfect harmony.  Rest assured, it is the band formerly known as the Livvid Privies.  They seem to be "cutting a rug" quite fine here now.  Why are they not cutting a rug together?  That was the conundrum for which the Highlanders were assembled at our dear old Cumberland Gap cabin this weekend.  It was time for Grady and Skid to bury the hatchet and get back to their roots.  Much like Pink Floyd, this Privy Division Bell must be put to rest and we held numerous encounter sessions to allow them to hash things out over their musical differences.

We did allow for meat board breaks in between encounter sessions, though.  The negotiations drug on for hours, and hours.

Mike becomes overly taxed as the arbiter of Privy discord resolution.  It was Mike's brainchild to get these two together.  HE knew that the lure of a cabin in the pines in the hills of , well, Kentucky might entice.

The Howe Family arrived in time to give a new perspective to the proceedings.  Slapnuts was absent because he pulled up lame in the parking lot of the Kenjo market in Harrogate.  I hope he found someone to tend to his leg.

We returned to another round of reconciliation counseling.   It became too much for Grady, though.  The sticking point seems to be that Grady feels as if the musical direction of the group is not flaming sufficiently.   Dave says that there is enough flaming stuff in their repertoire and they need to get back to heading down the Abbey Road way.

Then Grady said, "Skid, you are a good musician but the Beatles suck.  So suck it, I've had enough!"

"And one more thing, Skid, you can go crawl into your yellow submarine, I'm crawling into my blue one, Goodnight sir!"

This signaled the end of the reconciliation attempt.  Doors were closed and sleeping bags were zipped.  The long awaited reunion tour of the Livvid Privies is not to be.  And that is very unfortunate for their adoring fans and sexy sound people and all the Highlander nation that anticipates an annual Privy show.  Humbug!

Then we put Mike and Jenny to work cooking some hot dogs because we were having a concert of our own.

Next morning we did some rocking out with our packs out!  You know, just to show Grady what real rockers do.

Jerky Mike even told them to split, that we were enjoying our private, Non Privies rock show and garden.

Speaking of spectacular shows, look what I witnessed this morning as I bushwhacked down the old trail now abandoned.  That is my idea of a concert.


Where are we going next weekend?  Well, that is up to Martin "Scooter" Hunley.  He will be in town.