Elkmont Folks

I have been in Los Angeles/Los Vegas for the past week so the information I am receiving about the Highlander trips of late is that this past weekend all were gathered at Elkmont on campsite #27.  JMike and Umberger held an informal debriefing at the Downtown Grill and Brewery tonight and informed me that on Saturday night, they, along with Bill and Sarah overnighted at that region.  BC George apparently did a cameo drive by as he was staying with the Meetup group at the car campground where he could receive better cell service for texting.

The previous weekend, I am told that Dave, BC George, Kevin, and Bill and Grady all met over on Deep Creek.  Sounds like the crew is super psyched about doing some mileage and Bill seems to be leading the pack.  Because I am not hooked in with the facebook crowd, I have no pics to post of Highlander Hiking events unless someone sends me some.  Otherwise, BC George or Kevin or Mike will have to occupy this space with scenery.  I am proud of this crew.  They have had wonderful weather to do these miles.

This weekend is Hangover and the Muir Faction will be arriving for their initiation ceremony.  I hope they are rested and prepared for all that entails.   Kevin is a maybe and Jack is anyone's guess.  As of now, the weather looks fantastic.  Join us for merriment on the Hill Wednesday night through Sunday afternoon.  It will be full of adventure and definite surprises.