Gabes Mountain

April 23, 2011

Good Friday was certainly good for a select Highlander crew.

I joined Grady and Skid as we ascended the Maddron Bald Trail route before breaking off towards #34.

Despite attempts to persuade me to "just stay here", we pushed on through the grueling 3 mile climb.

Besides, our President was prepping a nice stack of wood.

Which Skidmore thoroughly enjoyed.

Apparently our predecessors were not collectors.  My theory?  Well, since there were three of these unopened about the camp I deduced the following;  Teenagers make a short in to camp after snagging a twelve from Dads dusty basement collection.  They soon realize that unlike wine and good whisky, 1982 looks better on the shelf than in a pile outside of your tent vestibule.

Ranger Grady is ready to write tickets for any further littering infractions.

All I know is that I'm ready for an Outlaw Supper prepared by Grady in the form of  Ribeye steak over an open flame.  Oh yeah.........

I took a nighttime stroll about camp to make some wildflower photos.



Can you identify those flowers?  If so, you get a free Outlaw Hiker Bumper sticker.  I'll even mail it.

And of course, I come across a snake.  (Yes, Stephanie, it is springtime.)

Uh oh!  Someone didn't get the memo about not parking in front of the gate.

I guess that unnamed person will be paying 50 bucks to the US Govt (and not for impersonating a park official either)!

This is the Gabes Mountain Cartel.  A wonderful Spring outing.  BC George was unable to join us on this trip.  He has taken up a new hobby, Caving.   I apologize for lag times in publishing.  My computer was in the hospital and the previous week we did not make it out.  The weather was bad and I had a training event.  This weekend is the much anticipated Muir Faction Meet up at Gregory's.