highlander home

                              GREGORY'S  BALD




Things look nice saturday morning at mile 2.

  Mile 3, getting steeper, better consult the map for elevation

  Mile 4, starting to get steeper

  We are going to set up in this?

Remember that time Highlanders couldn't get a fire going because the wood was so wet?       

Sally D and BC do the wrap thing.

George and Bill have feats of strength, but George does the right thing and turns the other cheek.

  DC Dan wonders with whom he has cast his lot this evening after watching Bill and George slap fighting.

  Did AB puke here somewhere?

rime ice, is nice

  What my legs felt like after 6 miles.

I always leave you with a framer.

Bill sings showtunes.  I think this rendition is "Getting to Know You"