may 24-25


The week began with discussions of various hiking trips.  After a week off, it was time to hit the woods.  Of course, all the hike proposers bailed either to the lake or their girlfriends so we decided to go for a sure bet.  Hangover, it never fails to deliver.  As you can see below, I had trouble culling pictures again as the clouds rolled in to create a deep blue ambience.

I mean, either of these could be a postcard.

Then there is this one.  My oh my.

I had to photograph the lovely couple in the natural setting.  This was Jessica's first trip to the rock and she was rewarded with great views.  doesn't this look like an engagement shot?

Yes, that is the Cosby Nazarene on the scene, trying hard to spread his wings.  Fly little sparrow, fly.  Bobby wished to document this for an upcoming Backpacker article he intends to write.

And  yours truly basking in the blueness.  I might add that Hangover has become quite popular since the clear cutting.  I overheard one of the many campfire boys below say that they came to this place because they heard there was a great new bald with plenty of firewood.  Seriously.  How crowded was Hangover.  Let me say there were hardly any tent spots to be claimed.

These fellows allowed us to join their fire in progress.  Nice guys from all over.  Enjoying the "new bald".

On departure Sunday, the Heath bald gave us a glimpse of the valley.

It's always a new scene on Big Fat Gap.                        

  This is a picture of the Rattlesnake I took with the phone.  Pretty small quality pic but the snake was a good size timber rattler.

We had a wonderful time with a variety of weather.

Trail Stats:  Big Fat Gap/hangover Lead South to the clearcut.  2.8 miles one way.  The plan for next week is saturday to tuesday, North on the AT from the tower outside of hot springs for those who did that with us last time.