Feb 15, 2009

Well, it started as a planned overnight to Elkmont.  Sally Dumplin was taking the family up to #24.  None of us had committed, but I packed up and was headed out the door on a sprinkly Saturday afternoon when my phone rang.  Yes, it was President Dumplin informing us that he had been sitting at the trailhead for an hour watching the rain pour buckets and he was headed home.  Well, needless to say, I was packed and ready to go.  Knowing that he was the only probable attendant, I unpacked and made a plan b.  Come to find out, Martin and Donna were heading up and also turned around.  Later that night, Grady asked if President Dumplin would get docked points for bailing on a backpack.  We decided that since we could not dock Holli and Cindy that Dave must take the full Dockage.  Therefore, Grady explained, A Dumplin Docking was in order.  Subsequently, El Presidente, Sally Dumplin will take the .25 deduction and add two more giving him a .75 deduction.  Brave, brave sir Dumplin, turned tail and ran.  It happens to the best of us.

On Sunday, the Clan Playa, High Speed, accompanied me on a loop of House Mtn.  We did the loop, 4.2 miles, had great views and saw a turkey slam into a tree.  Pretty dumb turkey, not much different from several Highlander turkeys with whom we have camped.

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