House Mountain, 

Saturday, March 28, 2009.

Looks as if I caught Martin and Jack doing a little "dayhiking" on the House Mtn. Loop.  I let them hike with me and we all had a great time in between the nasty weather of last weekend.   Sorry it took so long to post pictures.  We have been busy with all the Highlander activities including the Livvid Privies performance which was "blowaway", to say the least at the Downtown Grill the other night.  Highlander associates and members came from all parts of the Southeast to witness Grady's debut singing performance.  (We couldn't hear him that well last time, fortunately we turned down the sound on his monitor, so he kept trying to be louder)  It was a packed house.

Speaking of Highlander Activities, we have a danged slew of upcoming hikes.  Click here for details and please join us on the trail.  Springtime is upon us but cold weather is still lurking in the mountains.  Did I mention that Dave and Grady blew us all away?