Jerky Mike Birthday Hike

Injun Creek aug 27, 2011

Who is that strange, red-headed, dumplin valley lander?


I don't know but let's have ourselves a good old saw dance, though


Never too late for a good pose.

I never get tired of a nice rhodo tunnel.  Grapeyard Ridge was all mine!

Eddie Harrell will hang his head in shame. Pepsi products.  Next thing we know, his son will be wanting to play the flute.



   McLovin Life!



Jerky Mike is about 79 candles short but for practical reasons and a high risk of forest fire, we modified his birthday pudding!

Steve and Wayne join the backcountry merriment of Mike's bday free of any fees or backpacking  charge of any sort. You see, Steve can bring his kids out without breaking the bank.  Isn't that what the federal govt is supposed to be sensitive to, the plight of average Americans? Isn't that why we give 64 million extra stimulus dollars to the Smokies?

The Muir Faction should be enjoying their Utah vacation about now but we busted out the cheese board in their honor.

Grady busted out a pillow, saying "I'm gonna take me a 10 hr vacation"  Unfortunately, it was not without interruption.

Sara apparently thought we were at little bottoms or walnut bottoms or something. Bill said he didn't mind, just let her keep thinking whatever she wants.


Here are two brand new park vehicles sitting at the ranger office.  They look straight off the showroom floor.  I suppose their owners were inside, guess this means the park is strapped for cash.  Good thing they are going to institute a backpacking tax to raise more revenue.  They say that the backcountry office is overloaded.  I volunteered to adopt a campsite last spring, signed up for the 2 day training session and everything.  Know what I was told?  They had an overflow of volunteers, didn't need any more people.  The fee grabbing hypocrisy is overwhelming.  Please contact Jimmy Duncan's office on the phone.  Click HERE.

I appreciate everyone making effort to let our "public servants" know how displeased you are about this proposal to institute fees for backcountry camping.  Phone calls have more impact than anything and Congressman Duncan has shown some sympathy for those who oppose more governmental fee grabs.  As for me, I have finished  treatments for the hands and they improve daily.  They still don't look pretty but neither do I. Thanks for the support!