John the Red leads Hell Guy into the Backcountry.  Campsite 17   Dec 29, 2012

The following narrative is presented by permission of John the Red who allowed Boz, of Hell Guy fame, to perform camp duties as part of his introduction to Highlander Backcountry procedures.   The description and words are those of Bostick.

Everything on the web is not reliable.  There was a Hellguy in the woods on 12/28-12/29, along with another Highlander and a H.I.T. (Higlander in Training).  Boz represented the HG contingent with John the Red bringing his son along for some training.
Campsite 17 was open and even with two other sites occupied, no overcrowding happened.  Wood was not an issue, thanks to the hard work of the NPS and volunteers who cleared blowdowns after last July's tornado. 
The devastation up Hatcher Mountain is unbelievable!  The trees that remained along Little Bottoms had most of the bark stripped off.
While not a Jerky Mike roaching of the fire, the firering was filled to the brim with coals before the night was over.
We did not have the extreme temps and weather that those on the NC side of the park had, but did see some snow flurries on the way out.
No filet and cheese, but John the Red did manage to choke down four Nathans tube steaks.
Quick in and out, but quick is better than not getting out at all.


By the way, Saturday looks to be an outlaw event.  Dust off your eye patches, boys.