Maddron Bald, The group in teens weather. Like 19, I reckon. We had a great trip, rather chilly but enthusiastic.

My brother Dave hooked me up. I am now more like Grady and Scooter

Hi Speed wonders where Grady is this weekend. Skidmore knows. Skidmore knows.

Hi speed does a quick real estate appraisal on the property and is prepared to offer this listing at a resonable 15 thousand. See him for details.

a crossing we will go, hi ho the merrio.

It might be easier to swim it.

View from a mile below camp. The clear skies portend a wonderful, cold and star filled evening.

The usual Skid tent wrestling event.

Not certain who is winning, here.

He thinks he has it licked but doesn't see the cliff there.

Worldwide. What can I say. We met him this fall and he joined us for the weekend. AT thru hiker and potential PCT record holder. Good Luck, Matt