11-5/6 2006 highlander home


Highlanders do the old growth thing.  We had a John Rambo sighting but were able to rescue Grady before he drew first blood.


Grady laughs confidently after crop dusting The Edge across the creek.  Since Martin had no choice but to endure this breach of air quality it was on between the two for the weekend.

Clark is certain that there will be no Highlander membership for him this year, anyway.

Please note that there are no women in this picture.(Are there any women in the crowd?)

Somehow, inside his tent, Bicurious "fixes" his antenna for the game.

  Sally Dumplin earns his Firebuggery Badge.  Next he will learn to spoon like Ab.

Clark learns how to punk rock.

   The Fullness of the Moon and temps in the 30s.  Dang Good Stuff!

  This is a field of ferns that characterizes Old Growth Forests.

Views from the walk out.

The Edge

Trail Stats:  Maddron Bald Trail, 5.9 miles to campsite #29.  Ascent=2500 ft. Return via Albright Loop for some.