In the wintry month of Jan,

a group of intrepid hikers ran,

from varying trails to and fro,

arriving at the shelter though,

the room was scarce and tents required,

 (several manwayers got real briared.)

 Regardless of muck the weather stood,

 and all encamped a brotherhood, of Outlaw Hikers,

 through and through, we suffer no fools and "QUARTER NO MULES!"

Bushwacking from the Chimney Tops, I encounter the largest blowdown, then Beth finds one herself.

Fairly Steep. 

Victims of the Manway's treacherous slopes

To find the trail, you must hike to the top of the Chimneys Trail and step up to the left, paralleling the trail below the summit ridge.  It climbs for .5 miles

George dares Wendi to cross the line.

.....And out you go!

                                         Evolution of the Female Gobble, a nasty virus,  apparently.

I have the hardest time getting these two out of bed in the morning.  I think that the zipper got snagged on the new mateable bags.

Ruination is right!  Leave no trace!

When the wind blew over the tree, it took the trail with it.  Talk about steep.

Down the Road Prong Trail, one of many crossings.

Beautiful waterfall halfway down.



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