Meigs Creek

February 28, 2009

We had to endure a night of rain and drizzle but the morning payoff was justified.

Sally Dumplin had to make a spoon.  He forgot his and did a great job carving this one out.  That is because he is an expert on spoons and spooning.  George helped him a bit.  That is quite a big spoon, I might add.  Presidente Spooner.

Sometimes, a weatherman needs to die.

Fortunately, we were able to delegate some firebuggery duties to Chip.  Here, he Chips away at some wood.  Such a good wood chipper, that Chip.  How much wood did the wood Chip chip?  A Lot.  He's hired!

This is where Dave spent some time, you know, with his new "spoon".

This trip saw the presence of none other but "hatchet man", ready to carve a new future and end the Hailey thumbs up tradition by chopping them to the nub!   Heeeyaah.

Chip loves the snow, can't you tell?

The Bridges of Sevier County.

And those who cross them.

Trail Stats:  Less than 3 miles up Meigs Creek to #20.  Plenty of comraderie, spoonery, chippery and merriment.  Dang Good Stuff.