Middle Prong Walk

July 18, 2010


Come to the water and let me baptize you. 

 No takers?  Okay, I'll baptize myself.


Now we're talking.   My Clientele is looking up.     Slowly now, it's cold.

Walk back and forth across the water.  You can't just walk on top of it immediately.  Practice this way first.

 All in a day's work says John, er Moses.

 I learned to drive on this car.

Just a little mid summer fun up the Middle Prong trail.  A five mile hike up to the split towards Miry Ridge was our objective and the swimming just an added bonus.  Actually, the swimming was the objective and hiking was, well, to be expected.  I realize that I had not been in the Smokies for a while due to traveling and other trips so despite the heat we spent a great afternoon in the Tremont Area and were not disappointed.  No recent backpacking outside of a trip last weekend by Grady and Ricky Bobby to Big Ridge.  They said it was blazing hot.  Maybe Pisgah is in order next weekend.  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  We do have some things on the horizon.  An upcoming campout at Max Patch for the meteor showers and a Leconte trip looms near.  We have reservations.  Contact the usual suspects.  John.  I leave you with some classic Hendrix.  rock on.