Since I was unable to make last week's hike to crooked arm, I felt compelled to publish the recently penned ballad below.  Credit goes to UL, the infamous Brush Swine.  For those of you who don't know Greene, check our profiles page on   We love our Greenebean.  He doesn't make many hikes, but he sure makes an impression on trees etc.


The Ballad of Pancake Greene

Let me tell the story 'bout Pancake Greene

Hillbilly boy that became a big attorney.

Then one day he was drivin' in the snow

And wrapped his truck 'round a lodge pine pole.

Rental car that is

Lake Tahoe

Ski Resort...


Well, the next thing ya know he's runnin' down the road

When he gets to the house he's hollerin' for Toad

Don't know what to do--can y'all help me?

Someone said, you should call a good attorney.

McSween that is

And McSween

Jelly Bean...


Gob said Greene, you're a dumb ass man.

Guess that wasn't covered on the Bar exam.

The highlanders laughed 'cause he was in a fix

They love to pile it on when you're takin' your licks.

Kick a man that is

While he's down

Go to town...


Now Greene's back home, here in Tennessee

He can't go fishin' down to Citico Creek

Got to stay in Newport and make flapjacks

So he can call in favors from political hacks.

At breakfast that is

Aunt Jemimah

And sausage...


Yee-Haw!  Y'all come back now, ya hear.



--UL 2-23-09