Savage Gulf       Jan 15th and 16th, 2011


According to Jerky Mike, this pose indicated the search for a missing highlander. 

One guy who wasn't missing, though is Andrew. Hooray for that.  It is so good to see him back on the trail again.  Kudos Andrew!

The Highlanders were joined by a newbie who wants to undergo Highlander initiation.  Well, that's the rule anyway after you miss a certain number of events.  Pringles on the pack?  Just like a rookie.  You'd think he forgot everything.

This photo belongs to JMike who did all the photography for this outing.  The other pictures were forwarded by BC George.

Yep, it's Doo Doo Doug

Looks like he might need a new nickname. (keep in mind, I didn't take ANY of these pictures and am not responsible for the content of this week's Hikumentation.)

Looks like Jacqui is hiding something.  Could it be food, or drink or toiletries?

Sally D looks like he is ready to get serious about wood.  He really likes to get wood.  Dave is our resident Treevorkian.

This must be the entrance to the STONE DOOR.  Stone.  Hmmm.

Grady is fresh off the Livvid Privies concert at the Downtown Grill.  What a performance!  These guys are getting good and a little big for their britches, I might add.

I am told there were about three thousand folks at the campsite but it sounds like a big festival.  I hope that SouthernHighlander group found the person for whom they were looking.  Jerky Mike indicated they did not.

Next week is Rock Camp, #21 because that is the way we ROCK!