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Solarfan can save you tons of money on cooling costs and protect your attic in the winter by keeping moisture at bay.  SolarFan works when the sun is shining, moving up to 700 cubic feet per minute of air from your attic. Best of all, it costs nothing to operate and pays for itself in months!  Powered ventilators can cost up to 25 dollars per month to run.  SolarFan costs nothing to operate and doesnít require an electrician to install.  Whatís better than using the sunís energy to lower your utility bills?


How it works:

SolarFan draws power from a 10 watt solar panel, which is connected to our specially designed dc motor with a 12í exhaust fan blade.  When the sun shines and your attic gets the hottest, SolarFan works to remove heated air, reducing the load on your air conditioning. In the winter, moisture laden air is transferred from the attic which has the nice effect of reducing ice buildup on the eaves.  Rain, insects and varmints are repelled with the specially designed venturi enclosing a heavy duty mesh screen.  No worries about leaks and critters. Installation is a snap.  It can be mounted on a gable end with screws and caulk.  For most roofs, any homeowner can simply cut a 15 inch hole, slide the housing underneath the shingles, screw and caulk





Solar Module:  manufactured by Sunwize. Framed single crystal 10.5 watt power output. Six feet of lead wire for remote mounting. 20 year power output warranty, one of the longest in the industry.


Motor:  Specially designed direct current for varying loads. 2 year warranty


Housing:  Heavy gauge galvanized aluminum. Dimensions 25x25Ē.  150 inches net free area. Comes in black, paintable. Mounts with sheet metal screws (included). Figure below represents top mounting option. Since panel is detachable, homeowners can orient towards maximum sunlight.




                                        Powered Unit                SolarFan

initial cost:                       $75                                $320

installation:                       $100                               $0

monthly energy cost:     $30                                 $0

total 5 year cost:           $1025                               $380


Gable mounted option

Shown here, Solarfan can be used for gable mounted roofing, the easiest solution of all.  With 6 feet of lead wire, the panel can be positioned to capture maximum sunlight.  Since there is no battery to worry about, Solarfan runs in proportion to the sunís rays, making it safe for your attic.  Often, solarfan can simply replace existing gable units or fans, just attach to the inside of the structure with screws.


SolarFan has multiple uses.  Whether for intake or exhaust, cabins, campers or mobile homes, SolarFan moves air without electricity.  Since there is no battery, SolarFan operates in direct proportion to the sunís rays, exactly when needed the most.  As the sun rises and the dayís heat increases, so does the operation of SolarFan.


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