Walnut Bottoms Winter Backpack


We love this campsite and when it's not closed, we move in like a thundering herd of Highlanders.

This is likely one of the reasons it stays closed most of the year.

Great pictures from a snowy Big Creek river.

Mouse Ear Falls never disappoints.  Neither has this couple lately.  We decreed that in order for BC George to return to the SouthernHighlander fold, he must bring an offering to the camp Gods.

Amy will do.  Have you ever seen Ricky Bobby not frowning?  BC is fairly proud of himself.  Rikki Hall isn't quite sure what he has gotten himself into but knows that being slapped with a nickname right off the bat doesn't portend well for his Highlander future, or does it, Naked Rikki?

Larry consults with President Sally Dumplin regarding the wood situation.  Larry decides he will have no part of wood fetchery and assigns Andrew to the task.

Jerky Mike offers to help but declares that if Andrew is gonna burn it all, he can cut it all. Besides, there are no appropriately sized stumps for Mike to play with.

Later on, the Brush Swine is in Recline.

(gratuitous self photo)

Rikki appears to be fully clothed at this point.  It is, after all, his birthday.  Happy birthday, Naked Rikki.  Speaking of birthdays, Chuck Adams and Rocky Ledge are having some of late.  Check here.

I was drawn to this solitary tree on the hill far away.  This photo is zoomed but it just seems rather anomalous, like a fake cell phone tower or something.

A little lunch along the creek on our return.  From 24 degrees that morning to almost fifty, spring seems no longer like a far flung promise.

A little waxing moon?  Or is that waning.  I'm not certain.  The Highlanders wish to give a shout to the great Scooter Hunley.  He was missed on this trip along with the Muir boys and even the Dumplin Valley ladies.  Next week is the crooked arm.  Check out this video of midnight Hole that the Brush Swine, Uncle Larry uploaded.  We had a fantastic trip if you don't count the  punks that got mouthy with Larry and Jerky Mike.  Apparently, a couple of brokebackpackers  felt as if they owned the entire campsite and thought  we were intruding.  Got something to say regarding that situation and all three of you close tenters up the trail from us.  Don't bite the pillow too hard next time Jerky Mike spanks you and sets his tent up right in the middle of your camp.  Next time, we will resituate all three of you to a spot a little more condusive to your "moist" dispositions because we quarter no mules and suffer no fools.