West Prong, Campsite 18

October 29, 2011

It was time for Dan to get out in the woods and Holly drug him down here kicking and screaming.

Will looks lost without a helmet but he made it nonetheless.  Mainly to retrieve his sweatshirt.

And reunite with his old buddies.   Jerky Mike thinks that his newest sponsored Highlander has started a disturbing trend at Hangover.

On a gorgeous Fall weekend, we celebrated the palette of beauty spread before our hungry eyes.

It was difficult to leave this peaceful spot, so we lounged about until after noon on Sunday. That's how long it takes the sun to hit this holler anyway.

And who do we run into?  That's right.  It's our old buddy the Lancenator. It's been exactly one year and two weeks since we scared the tar out of him at Hangover.  I suppose he feared having to wear a leotard or cape and avoided us like the plague.  Actually, I think he has a pretty good excuse.  Pretty being the key word here.  I cannot answer the questions about BC George's retirement from hiking. You will have to ask him about it.  Something to do with dishes, I am told.  Good to see you Lance!


When it comes to wood duty, we bring in the experts.  After time, you must outsource a couple of camp duties to a trained professional.

Did you guys see that helicopter?

I swear, she blows me away!

Abe Lincoln that fire!

We have spent many a night at good old campsite 18.  The memories here just increase with every trip.  From the bloody knife man to our newest Apocalypse Now tale.  It's all in great fun on the West Prong. I'd like to share a picture from the same spot several years ago.

This week's "What Buff Forgot"?  Apparently nothing.  Amazing!  Also, no snakes.  The leaves are leaving.  Better catch what you can.