March 06, 2011

This weekend was a wash for chapter 1 so we are lucky to have a showing by Chapter 3 to present to you, our adoring fans.  Since it was such a rainout, I thought we would give you a rainy flashback.  Hiking for a cure was a cause that we Highlanders often ignore, like this weekend.

Hiking For a Cure



Enclosed arse pictures from the Muir Faction's recent outing in celebration of Rocky Ledge's birthday.  These pics are from a place called Rowe Woods outside of Cincinatti.  Happy birthday Ledge ! We will be joining forces soon with the Muir boys over near Gregory's when we hope to wrap up the remainder of Ekaneetlee Trace from the Tennesse side in April.  Also, this friday, the Livvid Privies will be performing at the Downtown Grill and Brewery.  The Highlander house band will be serving up their usual Southern Flair Fare along with some surprising new tunage so come check them out with us.  We do still have two beds left for the Breckenridge Trip Saturday, if anyone feels that last minute urge.