Creatures   6/29/14


I had returned from a fantastic experience in Colorado and the Maroon Bells backpacking loop.  Saturday was my birthday and I wished to spend it in the local woods.  Jerky Mike and Bill had already booked spots at cs 24 so it was a no brainer that I join them on Saturday.

Our newest married Highlanders, Bill and Sara arrive so Hi Speed can click off a quarter mile he needed up near campsite 30.

On the hike up to 24, in keeping with my reputation, what do I run into?

Yep,  its a timber rattlesnake.  He was pretty docile.

So I let him be.  Besides, it was raining pretty good.

And of course, Jerky Mike did not disappoint with the meat and cheese board.  It is our regular tribute to the Muir Faction who had an outstanding trip to Mt. Rogers recently. Click HERE for their trip report.    Bill and Sara brought ribs and someone else had some brownies.  That is a backcountry feast that made my birthday exceptional.  I couldn't help but reflect upon the last birthday I spent in Pakistan last summer.  It was good to be home and not uncomfortable far away.

Slapnuts is preparing for an epic journey.  He will complete the Colorado Trail beginning in late July.  I am envious.


In reference to the Maroon Bells trip, I am going to share these pictures of a creature that cruised by my tent at our campsite at 10,000 feet.  John Davis was asleep in the tent and I was walking about the forest taking sunset pictures.  When I returned, this is what was cruising by.  I feared it may have eaten my friend given its size.  What is the creature?  You tell me.  We have not discounted the skunk ape.

Do you see it at the right corner of the tent? 

Here it is after passing the tent.

These are low resolution pix. If you are really interested, I will send you the hi res version and you can zoom it.  We had a ranger tell us it was a badger.  I am not certain that it isn't a porcupine. I can tell you that it was huge and did not eat John Davis.  I hope to have the Bells Pictures up by this weekend.  It has already been a fantastic summer.