Citlatepetel Redux for Christmas

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I have unfinished business down there in Mexico in the form of a summit of it’s highest point, Citlatepetel, also known as Orizaba.  Rising to 18,500 feet above the Mexican plain, this dormant giant claims the title of  North America’s third highest peak.  It was Laurel’s idea.  She has long desired to feel the pain of a high altitude suffer fest.  You will remember what happened on my last solo attempt described here.


We will follow the same acclimitization path through La Malinche.  Puebla will be our disembarkation point after flying into Mexico City.  We have plenty of time to explore central Mexico.  We will be again enjoying the hospitality of Marible and Joaquin Concholas in their home in Tlachichuca before making the journey up to 14 k via Joaquin’s Jeep and the notorious drive I captured on gopro here.


So you may follow us here and on twitter for updates.  We will be landing on Christmas evening.  I wish everyone a glorious and Merry Christmas.