Hazel Creek for Turkey Week

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It was a brisk morning that turned into a glorious day as the Highlander Navy set sail from Cable Cove across lake Fontana on Friday morning. Martin navigates the brisk waters expertly in a heavily laden old 17 foot canoe … Continued

Spence in the Snow

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“Why do we like Frank?” Laurel asked me a half dozen times as we climbed up Bote mtn in 40 mph winds. She didn’t drive to Tennessee from sunny Florida for this kind of weather.  And reminded me of it … Continued

Derrick Nob via Greenbrier Ridge

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I was privileged to join my fellow Southern Forest Watch board members, Rob Cameron and Myers Morton in their quest to complete Smokies mileage this past weekend. We had a bit of company. Myers, Rob and Nick started Friday at … Continued

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