A Stormy Night on the Bob

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Going by the looks of this photograph, you would think it was a peaceful and solemn eveningĀ  atop Bob’s bald in the Nantahala National Forest. And indeed that is how it began. Strava provides some detail about the ascent from … Continued

Smokies Distancing

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Jo   We carefully followed CDC guidelines with regard to our outdoor time in the Smokies this weekend. Our posse maintained appropriate social distances and our tents were nowhere near the vicinity of each other. We were, after all, in … Continued

The Tahoe Turnaround

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This is a photo of me beating a hasty retreat from South Lake Tahoe. It seems counterintuitive to depart in the midst of the best snow they’ve had all year. But the decision was not mine to make; it was … Continued

Curry He, withe Licklog, aka Grady dog

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The sun Shone brightly on Grady is he descended from campsite 19 after a beautiful star-filled evening. The shimmering austerity of the Appalachians in winter is something to be bathed within. I’m guessing it got down into the lower twenties … Continued

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