The Meigs Line

posted in: Uncategorized | 0 Walking in the footsteps of a forgotten expedition Iwas surfing through bottomless rhododendron patches on Blanket Mountain for miles. This stretch out of Elkmont, Tennessee, in the Smokies, was as off trail as it gets. My objective was a … Continued

Grassy Ridge Bald

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Yo Yo and I met up for a quick overnight on the AT at Carver’s Gap. It was chilly up there at almost six thousand feet. Plenty of company. After all, this is what Roan Mtn is known for. The … Continued

Lightning in a Bottle

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Prior to his service as a Seabee during the Second World War, my uncle Jay was quite the prankster. I’ve oft envisioned him scouring the family farm fields on the Jefferson/Hamblen county line, glass jar in hand, filling it with … Continued

Neels Gap to Dick’s Creek

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So I’m very pleased to be caught up with Frank and reaching the 700 mile marker on the Appalachian trail. This is such an enjoyable section it ranks up there as one of my favorite. I don’t think you’ll ever … Continued

Huayna Potosi

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it was the best of times it was the worst of times. Two to three feet snow stopped our summit bid at 17k. Add 30 mph winds and avalanche danger and our team was forced to descend. The bad weather … Continued

Virginia NOBO

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Virginia is beating a soft spot in my outdoor heart. We left Wednesday March 29 at 7 am from Knoxville. Frank picked me up and had already been on the road for almost two hours from Chattanooga. It was a … Continued

Scott mountain.

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the southern Forest watch had to attend to some business up there last weekend in the cold. But we’re definitely working on a project. It was nice to get back on home turf for a little bit. We did not … Continued

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