30 miles on the AT

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the weekend hit to finish the miles we had remaining to the James River bridge. As you will notice we finished here almost a month ago but pulled out a little early. The first day we drove 4 and 1/2 … Continued

the Virginia triple crown

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this section is considered the crown and glory of the Appalachian trail. And this is the iconic McAfee knob shot. there was some hot hiking to get here. 88° was unexpected. For the benefit of section hikers like ourselves there’s … Continued


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Cotocachi Pasochoa Ruccu Pichincha Cotopaxi (16,200 feet of it) San Juan Achontilado. Base camp. We set off at midnight for the summit of Chimborazo. Once again Strava was wrong here on this one. I turned around at over 19,000 ft. … Continued

summit, Ruccu Pichincha

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I’m so glad our entire team made it. Today we’re up for a rest day and then tomorrow we head over to the high mountains. This will include an acclimatization run on Cotopaxi or at least part of it some … Continued

Morristown Chamber Keynote

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I was so honored to be asked to present the keynote speech to the annual Morristown Chamber meeting. John McClellan, Natasha Morrison and my brother, Todd were integral to making this happen. I was honored to share this with my … Continued

Sithenge @Eagle Creek

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Many years ago we constructed what came to be known as the most famous rock circle in the Smokies. And it was so dubbed, Sithenge. Here is a link to that trip from way back in the archives. This year … Continued

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