Virginia NOBO

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Virginia is beating a soft spot in my outdoor heart. We left Wednesday March 29 at 7 am from Knoxville. Frank picked me up and had already been on the road for almost two hours from Chattanooga. It was a … Continued

Scott mountain.

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the southern Forest watch had to attend to some business up there last weekend in the cold. But we’re definitely working on a project. It was nice to get back on home turf for a little bit. We did not … Continued


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Myers put this one together and epic it was. When I started out Friday morning three river otters were frolicking in the creek. Here is a link to the video I shot on my tiktok page. then there’s the … Continued


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we came back for a long weekend to get some laps on the ice. Ouray is a great place to hone your climbing skills. I drove to Atlanta, met Brian and we got a buddy pass for a direct flight … Continued

Spruce Flats Ice

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It just so happens that good ole “Johnny on the Trail” showed up. I talked him into taking his first swings on ice and he made this video of the event. I knew the first time these falls froze solid … Continued


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Here is a link to the Cityview Story online only.   Summiting the Mexican Volcanoes with a Knoxville Crew Popocatepetl was blowing smoke rings like a fifties French movie star. This volcano cut a menacing triangle across the entirety … Continued

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