Colorado Ice

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Twas a tradition of time’s past. Our Denali crew would gather in Colorado for good ice and fellowship. This year our numbers were diminished due to illness and work obligations but it was still Neil ,JDavis, Neils son, James and … Continued

Holiday Smokies Rambles

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From back to front. This is a shot of us celebrating Richards 60th birthday and retirement from Denso. This is a View from the road out of Clingmans dome. I departed there on New year’s day after spending the night … Continued


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Merry Christmas to everyone. I wish you health and prosperity.  My latest contribution for CityView Magazine. Link to story here:  

Strange happenings at Cumberland Gap

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After  5.3 mi and 1900 ft of ascent, we arrived at this campsite on Gibson Gap along the Mischa Mokwa Trail in Cumberland Gap. The plan was to ascend to Hensley settlement but all the backcountry sites are presently closed … Continued

Bird Springs

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Frozen head has a lot to offer. We ascended 1,600 ft and 2.8 mi to this beautiful campsite atop Bird Mountain. It was a cold and windy night on Friday. Here at about 3,200 ft, the fire laid sideways. There … Continued

Cold Spring

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I got some alone time in the Slickrock. This photo is looking towards the Hangover on a frosty morning as I departed to finish my loop on Sunday. Below is a  repost the text of my Instagram write up about … Continued

Hangover + 2021

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We had a near record crowd for the Southern Highlander Hangover trip this year. And the weather could not have been better. The only people not pictured here that were in attendance are Micah, David and Drew Snider and Tipi. … Continued

The Greenbrier River

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It was a fluke decision. This beautiful spate of weather we’ve been experiencing lends itself to these kinds of excursions. On thursday morning way departed four and a half hours north into the beautiful Allegheny hills of West Virginia. It’s … Continued

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