64 Virginia Miles

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It’s been a week and a half since Frank and I finished this section.  However, I have promised this one to my editor at CityView so you will have to wait a bit for it to come to press. In the mean time, enjoy a few of these pictures from our delightful saunter through the hills of the Jefferson Forest and five days on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.


If you didn’t get to see my piece on the Cotopaxi Expedition, here is a direct link.




3 Responses

  1. Dana B Koogler

    Can’t wait to read about your Virginia miles on the A.T. I hope you did not spend a night in the Wapiti Shelter. That is one place I don’t think I could lay down and shut my eyes. How many more Virginia miles remain?

    • John

      I was keen to get off the trail by this point. Blood Mountain is a cool shelter but mouse ridden.

  2. Dana B Koogler

    I hate mice. That said I can lay down and sleep and cover my face up and not fret over it. I am the head rat catcher in the Kügler Haus. Kenny runs and screams like a girl. No kidding! I rag him about it and he just says “You got it handled”. 😀