Summit La Malinche

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It was a grueling but worthwhile ascent of 14600 foot La Malinche. It’s best described as two thousand feet straight up to the tree line. Then above the Treeline you get on a scree slope that is quite slippery . … Continued


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Puebla It is good to be back in this beautiful city. After landing in Mexico City Christmas night we grabbed a few hours sleep and hopped on a bus to Puebla the next morning. Laurel is getting her first taste … Continued

Citlatepetel Redux for Christmas

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  I have unfinished business down there in Mexico in the form of a summit of it’s highest point, Citlatepetel, also known as Orizaba.  Rising to 18,500 feet above the Mexican plain, this dormant giant claims the title of  North … Continued

Think you could do this?

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Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to get a 500 acre piece of land from your county, lease it for $15 and turn around and whore it out to whatever for profit entity you wish? Oh, and did … Continued

Getting Meade’s Quarry and Crag Open

posted in: Uncategorized | 0   Ijams to consider private boats on Mead’s Quarry Lake Travis Dorman , 5:42 p.m. EST December 14, 2016 Mead’s Quarry Lake (Photo: Travis Dorman) Ijams Nature Center’s Board of Directors will discuss Thursday whether to … Continued

After the Fire

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Portions of scarred land along the spur on 12/10. Some sort of fire retardant spray, I imagine. It’s hard to believe that the relatively small fire we witnessed and videoed after Eagle Creek grew to the tragic event in Gatlinburg. … Continued

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