Summit- Kilimanjaro

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It was a hard fought battle but the three of us, Howard, Laurel and I reached the roof of Africa marking personal altitude records for them and number 4 of the Seven summits for me. Details forthcoming as we are … Continued

Moshi, Tanzania

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It took us a full day to get here. Knoxville to Atlanta, then Amsterdam to Moshi. Evans was there to collect us after a protracted customs experience and his hospitality was quite welcomed by the three of us. So far … Continued

The Chimneys-Into Africa

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Yesterday, Howard and I made a quick hit trip up to the Chimneys. It is a ritual for me to scale the Chimneys prior to a climb somewhere and last year it was good luck.  Laurel and I will be … Continued

Bullhead and down Rainbow

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  It was time to finish this project started a couple months back. Saturday found us in perfect weather in great stead to tackle this beast. Fire is sometimes cleansing and it certainly scoured the soil. We climbed 3700 feet … Continued

Easter Snow in the Smokies?

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When I heard there may be several inches of snow up high on Easter Eve, I reminisced about the epic “Easter Freeze” trip from 12 years ago.  So I am re-posting that trip since I  obviously am not out this … Continued