Hatcher Mountain and Rabbit Creek

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As you can see the weather was perfect. we embarked immediately after work on Friday afternoon and made the great climb up pine mountain down into the rabbit Creek campsite. Nick joined us. We needed a fire bug. We had … Continued

Hazel Creek weekend.

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Myers called a good one and I am very pleased that he did. He met me, along with Howard after work on Friday. We took the Steenhatchie canoe over the dragon on a warm, summer afternoon.  It’s a long story … Continued

The Safari

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  When we got off the big Uhuru summit of Kilimanjaro we took a shower at the hotel in Moshi. I was now in full blown respiratory distress and spent the afternoon/ night in a fever. Imagine being in a … Continued

Mt. Kilimanjaro

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Kilimanjaro July 3-18 2019. Long on our bucket list, Kili loomed like a storm cloud over my climbing resume. Everyone had finished it at some point. Brian Moran told me it was his favorite of them all. Many thwarted attempts … Continued

Summit- Kilimanjaro

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It was a hard fought battle but the three of us, Howard, Laurel and I reached the roof of Africa marking personal altitude records for them and number 4 of the Seven summits for me. Details forthcoming as we are … Continued

Moshi, Tanzania

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It took us a full day to get here. Knoxville to Atlanta, then Amsterdam to Moshi. Evans was there to collect us after a protracted customs experience and his hospitality was quite welcomed by the three of us. So far … Continued

The Chimneys-Into Africa

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Yesterday, Howard and I made a quick hit trip up to the Chimneys. It is a ritual for me to scale the Chimneys prior to a climb somewhere and last year it was good luck.  Laurel and I will be … Continued