No news is good news

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It seems like this trip has been one long waiting game. I don’t have any “news” per se, but Summit Climb posted that John and team were headed up to camp 3 yesterday which puts them right on their anticipated … Continued

We depart tonight at 3 am

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I swore that I wouldn’t fool with internet here but my cellular texts weren’t getting out and I wanted to keep everyone abreast. We flew in from Namche two days ago and have been readying for our push. Today we … Continued

Recap of our time up high

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We are now in Namche allowing our bodies to heal and recover from our week up at camps 1,2 and 3 on Everest. A surreal thickness of air and greenery engulfs four of our Everest team that hiked 15 miles … Continued

Acclimatization Rotations

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(The team this morning at EBC. Keep Ciera, the girl on the far right , front row in your thoughts as she developed a heart condition and was airlifted out this morning. She says being at the Nepalese hospital is more … Continued

Chitwan National Park

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John’s pretty sure he has a full blown sinus infection and forgot to pack Sudafed, so he’s battling that now. We’re hoping some meds left by one of the trekkers can be located and help with his congestion. Keep him … Continued

Pumori and Puja + Mt. Sinus

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These past few days have been characterized by a couple of challenges. First is my sinus issues that are consistent, if nothing else. Everyone has some form of Khumbu cough. Any mucous production for me ends this way. I am … Continued

Laurel Update

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John probably has a few uneventful days ahead of him and poor WiFi, so I figured I’d give my own trip report and update since yesterday was not only eventful but marked the end of my adventure with John. Until … Continued

Bit of a scare

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  We arrived in Basecamp for Mt. Everest yesterday afternoon. Laurel was struggling from Gorak Shep and her apetite was fading. By the time we ascended 1700 feet and 5 plus miles she was knackered, as my British climbing mates … Continued