Leconte via Alum

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It was a perfect bluebird day so a training run to the lodge was in order. Sunday marked one month to the day that we depart for Everest so these high volume cardio activities are imperative.   Beautiful though it … Continued

Chimneys and Road Prong

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It was a workout day where I went for some quick elevation gain. Having not been to the Chimneys since the fire, it was a good excuse to warm my legs before Everest in 5 weeks. My new Motorola phone … Continued

The road to Sagarmatha

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If you had told me this time last year that I would be gearing up for the top of the world, it would have immediately been met with scorn.  In fact, the notion of entertaining a climb on Everest had all but … Continued

27 Icy Smokies Miles with Curt

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I was supposed to be in Banff, Canada this week.  However, due to the selfishness of some woman who decided to board a plane from Knoxville with the flu and seat herself next to Laurel, the result was as expected … Continued

Solstice Stroll: House Mountain

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The view wasn’t much, it had been quite a dreary looking day, but the temperature was good and Laurel was in town. She stops at the summit where we didn’t tarry for lack of vista. It was a stroll for … Continued

An Incredible Photograph

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Last year about this time, Laurel and I were making our way down towards Mexico for a climb on Pico de Orizaba via La Malinche. It was an eventful experience in that she got seriously altitude sick and had to be … Continued

Hazel Creek for Turkey Week

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It was a brisk morning that turned into a glorious day as the Highlander Navy set sail from Cable Cove across lake Fontana on Friday morning. Martin navigates the brisk waters expertly in a heavily laden old 17 foot canoe … Continued

Spence in the Snow

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“Why do we like Frank?” Laurel asked me a half dozen times as we climbed up Bote mtn in 40 mph winds. She didn’t drive to Tennessee from sunny Florida for this kind of weather.  And reminded me of it … Continued