The Chimneys Wildfire

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On our return from Eagle Creek we passed the impressive blaze presently consuming part of the Chimney Tops trail. I enjoy watching all of nature, the good and bad. As long as I am not a recipient of the warm … Continued

Pressing Ijams to Make Crag and Quarry Accessible

posted in: Uncategorized | 0   I warned you that you would receive a dose of activism through the Highlander website. ┬áToday, I am proud to share this bit of good news from SFW.   Watchdog group presses Ijams to reopen Crag, make boating … Continued

Injun Creek

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It was a fantastic weekend. Starting early Saturday morning, I rose to a breakfast at Ijams Nature center, then across the street for the Fall Festival. When I say across the street from my house, I mean, across the street. … Continued

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